Culvert LLC


Culvert Engineering Solutions is a Product design and consulting firm of experienced engineers with industry-leading customers in consumer electronics and industrial IoT. Culvert Engineering provides concept-to-production expertise in circuit design and architecture, PCB design (high-speed, RF, analog), FPGA development (Matlab, Simulink, synthesis), software (RTOS, DSP, algorithms, communications), manufacturing (Tier 1 partnerships, DFM, DFA, prototype to HVP) and regulatory compliance.

Core Expertise
○     Electrical & Software Architecture
○     Mechanical Design
○     RF / High-Speed / Complex Board Design
○     FPGA Development
○     Communications, Protocols, and Standards
○     High Volume Manufacturing
○     Machine Learning and Data Science
○     Embedded Software and Algorithms
○     Digital, Analog, RF Circuit Design
○     IC Design
○     Device Level Antenna and Thermal Simulation
○     Computer Vision, Audio, and Sensor Processing
○     Biomedical Research and Development