About Us

Culvert Group is a technology & product incubator and Consulting company with strong technical capabilities. We specialize in end-to-end product development for a range of products including IOT, Medical, Wearables, Consumer Electronics, Cybernetics, Industrial, etc. Culvert is currently comprised of four companies:

Culvert Engineering Solutions, LLC - Provides Consulting services for product design, turnkey solutions, manufacturing solutions, and technology path-finding. 

Culvert IOT Corporation - Culvert IOT leverages deep experience in RF, consumer and logistics to design best-in-class IOT products.

Culvert Sensing Corporation - Culvert Sensing is setup to explore novel methods of detecting VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds) in miniscule concentrations, using graphene ICs functionalized with synthetic DNA.
LIIME Inc - The mandate for LIIME (LIght IMaging and Engineering) is to bring to market new hyperspectral methods and sensors, with varied applications in life sciences, materials, etc.